Whois Details

To check whois details of a domain name, please go to following root NS website:

  http://www.internic.net/whois.html : For TLD (Top Level Domain) e.g. yourname.com

http://ewhois.cnnic.cn : For .CN domain name e.g. yourname.cn, yourname.com.cn

  http://idnconvert.ascio.com/idnConversion.php : For Chinese domain name Puny Encoding.

e.g.        Domain Name                           Puny encoding

               中文 .cn ( . 中国)                         xn--fiq228c.cn

               中文 .com                                    xn--fiq228c.com

http://cwhois.cnnic.cn : For Chinese domain name (or Puny Encoding) e.g. 中文 .cn ( . 中国)


http://www.internic.net/whois.html : For Chinese domain name (or Puny Encoding) e.g. 中文 .com

  Still have problem? Please contact us by enquiry@mydomain.com.cn .

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