Chinese Web Site Design
We are not artists, but experts knowing how to make your Chinese web site perfect for promotion on the Internet!  
A web site that cannot attract your target clients is absolutely rubbish, no matter how pretty it looks and how  complicated  technology it  involves.  Concise,  professional  and fast download speed, that's all for a business web site!  We are  making Chinese web site for your Chinese clients, not you. Unfortunately, you are the payer for this service...
1. Requirement  submission : You  may  submit  your  requirement  via  email  or  through  online
    application, and provide all the necessary materials needed, and web functions as well.
2. Solution and price :
According to your requirement, we will offer you a feasible solution and the
    relevant cost.
3. Adjustment :
We will adjust the solution and cost according to your advice.
4. Confirmation and payment :
You confirm the final solution and pay.
5. Web site design :
After we receive your payment, we will go on the design.
6. Modification :
We will do some modification if it is necessary.
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