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Our Services Will Get You The Best e-Commerce Presence in China.
     MyDomain.com.cn is a comprehensive e-Commerce services platform. We are an accredited business partner of Xinnet, the top-rank registrar in China. We  provide  overseas clients China domain names registration, such as .cn domain name, Chinese character domain name and Internet Keyword registration. We also offer web hosting service, mailbox space, Chinese  website design, search engine rank promotion and other value-added services as well.

China domain name business is a time consuming task, especially domain name transfer or registrar change. It involves unique documents and complicated procedures. You may spend days just be annoyed by the hassles have to go through.

That's where we can help. Our 5 year experience in e-Commerce presence enables
us to provide you prompt, precise and perfect services. No matter what help you need, we are your best choice.


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